Positive and Negative Effects of Technology on Your Health

Effects of Technology may be a structure of data committed to making tools, processing actions, and therefore the extracting of materials. The term Technology features a larger description, and understanding of its meaning varies in several ways. Technology features a lot of positive and negative effects on our day to day life.

We use technology to achieve various activities in our daily lives. It’s important in our family life, business life, academic life, and also personal life. We use technology to empower our abilities, making people the foremost conscious of any technological system.

Positive and Negative Effects of Technology

Positive Effects of Technology:

Communication: Technology has been playing an important role in the development of all types of communication. In other words, we use technological devices like mobile phones, computers, laptops, etc. Today we will make communication everywhere the world by using different communication techniques

Trade and Industry: A large number of the actions of business that technology has boosted our accounting & information systems and other simpler or more complicated tools. Similarly, Even the calculator may be a product of technology. Business communication may be a lot easier today with the assistance of technology.

Education: Several studies have shown that students who have better access to technology have ways chances of learning and doing well at college. It can’t be denied that the web is invaluable when it involves research and supplemental studies for college kids of all levels. Devices that will hook up with the web make access to educational materials more convenient. With the assistance of technology, students get all the training resources at the tip of their fingers.

Medication: Technology has made medical commodities 100 steps up to development. The invention of the latest machines, surgical instruments, medicines is the contribution of technology to the medical world. Hospitals are more organized and usually more efficient in saving people’s lives. The technology also make progress in the field of medicine and brings advance and safe treatment methods

Negative Effects of Technology

The Threat to Human Health: the fewer time people are spending exercising and being active, they’re spending longer watching their computer screens, playing games, and lecture friends online, they’re spending. this will end in increased consumption of unhealthy food, depression, and obesity. Also, there’s an enormous possibility of a loss of eyesight and hearing, in people that spend an excessive amount of time watching computer and device screens and using headphones. Constantly watching devices also can cause head and neck pain. As we know there are different positive and negative effects of technology and have different kinds of benefits and side effects.

Lack of Privacy: People share most of their personal information on the web or other social media sites. It’s estimated that the matter with a scarcity of privacy will only worsen with the further development of technology. Is that the users don’t have enough sense of privacy.

Poor Sleep Habits: Limitless using digital devices cause us to be up late in the dark. This habit can cause tons of health problems. Many peoples also die due to limitless use of mobile phone.

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