5+ Cool Themes for Android With Advanced Features [2021 UPDATED]

Android is one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the mobile industry. The biggest benefit and undoubtedly a primary reason for its popularity in the mobile industry is limitless customization. Personalization possibilities abound, at both the default OS level or by installing one among the many launchers. You can find launchers that make your phone look like other devices, like iOS (iPhone) smartphones, or to assist integrate your phone into your home- or business-office ecosystem, or maybe to form your Android device behave more like another Android device. You can easily get these Cool Themes for Android. There are a couple of launchers, for instance, designed to offer your smartphone a glance and feel of the favored.

Cool Themes for Android

All Android smartphones accompany their own, or a default, launcher, which is typically the result of the joint effort between the phone manufacturer. Therefore the cellular service provider. As you almost certainly know from cruising around within the Settings menus. Your Android’s default launcher comes with tons of its own customization options. You can customize your phone in a lot in order that the myriad of choices is often daunting. If for no other reason than simplicity, often, letting a launcher do the majority of modifications for you is preferable to undertake to customize the phone yourself.

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Cool Themes for Android:

Here we bring the best themes and launcher for the android. All of them are easy to use and you available for everyone. By using these launchers you can easily customize your smartphone as you want.

Action Launcher 3:

This launcher is an easy, adaptive, and quick Action Launcher. This amazing launcher comes with several different attractive themes and widgets like date/time, weather, calendar, etc. Users can easily create and color the folder according to your need and you can also change the shape of folders into hearts, circles, etc. You can also resize the size of the icon according to your layout.

Action Launcher 3

This launcher gives you the feature of quick launch which is unavailable in most devices. Quicktime gives you the feature to change the color coordinates of your home screen with the colors from your wallpaper. Quickbar attaches the shortcut of your favorite apps and search bar for quick access.

Big Launcher:

You can evaluate this theme form its name. It also provides you a lot of customization-options. But the features in this launcher are limited, the launch big is the main focus. This launcher is designed for the children, elderly, and anyone else who might have difficulty navigating and utilizing a normal size home screen and icons. As you can see you can adjust only a few apps on the home screen.

Big Launcher

This is a paid launcher, you can buy it only at 11$. You can also use the free version of this android theme launcher but it has the following limitations:

  • User can only customize the buttons of the right color
  • You can only add 5 additional screens.
  • It shows only the last 5 most recent items in the call log.
  • It shows only the last 5 messages.
  • You can send only 20 messages in the free version.

Buzz Launcher:

This is Launcher differs from the pack therein, while it offers a classy array of customization features. It doesn’t attempt to be everything for everyone and thus doesn’t overwhelm you with options. Evie starts with a slick and straightforward install that makes a home screen consisting of only four icons, and therefore the icon dock is turned off, leaving you a clean canvas to figure from. Light and fast, a number of Evie’s features include an Adjustable Grid, Universal Search, Quick Navigation, and Custom Shortcuts.

Buzz Launcher

Adjustable Grid: the quality grid size on Android phones has been 4×4 for quite a while. Evie Launcher’s default desktop of 5×6 accepts grid sizes starting from 3×4 to 12×12. Today’s smartphones accompany taller, larger screens, and therefore the ability to regulate layout sizes helps you’re taking advantage of that extra space.

Universal Search: look for anything, anywhere, regardless of where you’re in your phone or which app.

Quick Navigation: Swiping up displays an entire list of your apps, without having to navigate back to the app drawer or dock.

Custom Shortcuts: Make any task a shortcut with its own icon. does one text a beloved or loved one frequently? Turn the task into a shortcut.

In addition to swiping up to display the app drawer, you’ll swipe down from the highest inside app drawer to return to the desktop or home screen, and there’s also a double-tap-to-lock gesture for handily locking the screen.

Launcher iOS 13:

This launcher can covert your android into IOS 12 or 13. This is design for those persons who are not able to afford an iPhone but they want to enjoy it. By using this launcher you phone completely act like an iPhone and makes your phone look like, and to some degree. From this launcher, you can get the best ios Cool Themes for Android.

Launcher iOS 13

This is a well designed and mind-boggling launcher. It completely converts your device into a copy of IOS 12. All your setting menus are organized into an iOS-like Control Center. It also provides you several different gestures and some other features of which are similar to Apple’s Assistive Touch. By default, it comes with a normal ios theme and you can customize it according to your need.

Microsoft Launcher:

If you want your phone to look like a windows phone then this launcher is perfect for you. It manages to provide a Windows ecosystem. This launcher works with your Microsoft account and Microsoft apps such as Skype, OneDrive, Office365, etc. This launcher manages all your gadgets and applications sync up and work together.

Microsoft Launcher

Nova Launcher

The Nova launcher is one of the oldest and the most popular Android launcher. It offers you a lot of customization options and several different features. This launcher is a little difficult to use. Nova launcher is the best way to customize your phone and do everything right. It has a basic free version and a paid premium version.

Nova Launcher


Android is one of the most popular operating systems. The reason behind its popularity is limitless customization. There are several different third party software are available in the market. This software is easy to use and it can completely change the whole appearance of your device. From these launchers, you can get cool themes for android.

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