Latest Fitness Technology Trends | How It’s Changing the Fitness Industry?

Like the other fields, the fitness industry has also become very advance these days. In the market, we have several different latest fitness gadgets that have different functionality. We thought that it would be a great time to discuss the future of the fitness industry. Every one of us is excited about the new technology and technology is wrapped up into just about everything we see & do. In this article, we discuss the latest fitness technology trends. Let’s start discussing the trends latest fitness technology trends that caught our eye.

Fitness Technology Trends

Wearable Technology:

Wearables are not a new piece of technology but since their inception into the health & fitness industry, wearables are being used extensively by fitness freaks, gyms, personal trainers, and their clients. These Wearables have different features and people really like to analysis, data.

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They want to understand their progress, heart rates, resting, speed, strength, improvements in BMI, and how they can do better. The latest Wearables can record a lot of real-time data including personal best information.


Drones are being integrated into outdoor exercise and fitness programs. They can set the pace for long-distance ocean or pool swimmers, runners, keep your drone in a steady position or point. It depends upon the training recommendations and conditions. Now the GYM trainers also used drones in the GYM to capture a 360 view. By 360 view of training performance and programs constantly reviewing, pushing, and adjusting the boundaries to achieve certain results.

360-degree video can also help you to capture technique adjustments and stream this life to coaches and trainers. The latest drones can react based on human heart-rate fluctuations and several different training parameters during a workout.


There is a new concept in GYM which is known as gamification. Basically, the gamification is pitting two or more peoples against each other during workout sessions. They are against each other to create lead boards, competition, and a sense of achievement. Some new players are jumping into this arena for those gym junkies who aren’t content with achieving their personal best but having the ability to compete with others whether or not they are within the room or virtually anywhere around the world.

Currently, a number of best know players include Fitbit, Zombie-Run, Fitocracy. But there are some new exciting players including Zwift, which gives a variety of experiences including running, cycling, and mountain biking.

Smart Gym Equipment & Connectivity:

These days technology is fast becoming the main target of gym equipment manufacturers. So fitness aficionados can move from one gym to a different and still feed into your own personal data bank of performances. People are keen to hunt out gyms that have compatible machines that they will connect their preferred fit-tech solution and keep to their fitness regimes.

Smart Gym Equipment

The new generation of the kit includes Bluetooth connectivity equipped spin cycles, treadmills and step machines, and even computer games. Surprisingly, this doesn’t make old machines within the gym, obsolete as some companies have created sensors to retrofit existing machines at a fraction of the investment.

The Home Gym Explosion:

As you know during the weeks of quartine, most people couldn’t go to the gym. The peoples who could not wait for gyms to reopen started ordering their own gym equipment. It is not bad for the fitness industry actually, it is an excellent example of an exciting opportunity for gyms. Through this idea, some trainers and gyms created a new revenue stream by renting out their unused equipment to the people and even some gyms start selling their own equipment. By this idea, some gyms & personal trainers start a small gym in private homes and providing a very specialized service which included remote access to the data from client sessions and home visits

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Tech hub Gadgets always try to bring the latest technology trends and technology news for you. In this article, we discussed the latest fitness technology trends. As you know if you’re a fitness freak then you definitely want to use the latest GYM equipment. You also want to use a good fitness watch and camera to record your performance and action. We hope you like this article, if something missing let us know in the comment section.

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