How to Copy Instagram Comments? | Best Ways to Copy Comments

By default, the Instagram program — equally on Android and iOS — does not let you copy Instagram comments. Instagram doesn’t allow you to copy comments on a post. So how to copy Instagram comments? By using a little magic and trick, it’s possible to replicate a caption or comment on Instagram quite fast easily. You can glue your caption or remark just as you ordinarily would.

How to Copy Instagram Comments

How to Copy Instagram Comments?

If you attempt to log into Instagram on PC, then you might discover that it’s effortless to replicate a remark. On the other hand, as the significantly utilized, the Instagram program does not permit an equally simple way to replicate remarks. It’s not too favorable to our expertise on mobile. So now, as a skilled Instagram consumer, I’ll reveal to you a set of advice about the best way best to replicate Instagram opinions, dependent on your requirements. Even if you would like to replicate an Instagram caption, biodegradable, or join, it works also.

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Before demonstrating the best way to replicate remarks on Instagram, one from you, please browse the table to discover the acceptable way that fulfills your requirements. Here are some ways to copy Instagram comments. Take a look.

How to Copy Instagram Comments without Programs?

Should you attempt some manners from Google lookup results, starting the Instagram connection on the cell browser right. You’ll discover that it’s tough to pick the targeted remarks. We do not deny it functioned whatsoever. However, it seems worthwhile to replicate caption, biodegradable, or even a connection rather than remarks.

There’s only a vital measure they overlooked. Here I’ve got an iPhone using Safari to reveal the full measures to replicate Instagram opinions. It works on almost any smartphone.

  • Just click on the three factors (More options) towards the top of a post and copy the hyperlink.
  • Establish a browser, then paste your connection, and visit the internet page of this Instagram post.
  • Click on “AA” on the top left. Then tap “Website Settings,” pin” Request Desktop Website,” and click on “Done.”
  • Click on “Request Desktop Website” to change the page to the desktop internet. Then you can replicate any remarks.

How to Copy Instagram Comments on APK?

If you’re an Android user, there’s a great program we have to suggest to you. Allow me to show you the best way you can replicate an Instagram remark with it.

  • Download Universal Duplicate from Google Play and install it on your Mobile Phone.
  • Permit Universal Duplicate to be busy.
  • Proceed into the targeted Instagram remarks page.
  • Drag the telling bar and click on the Universal Copy telling.
  • Choose the remarks that you would like to replicate and then make them.

Notice: It is possible to use Universal Copy to replicate any phrases on Instagram, biodegradable, caption, and hyperlink. Besides Instagram besides, it operates on other webpages.

How to Copy Instagram Comments with Batch Method?

In case you’ve got the requirement to replicate batch opinions about Instagram. We will suggest to you the best way to create it on your computer. Here we discuss a pleasant and utterly free instrument from Chrome and reveal the measures.

Instagram Comments batch Method

  • Insert Scraper into your Chrome and pin it to the extension lists.
  • Open an Instagram remark page and produce all comments that you would like to replicate exhibited by clicking on the plus.
  • Pick all articles of a single comment. Right-click and choose “Scrape similar.”
  • All exhibited comments are gathered by default. Tap “Copy to clipboard” and also create it.

How to Copy Instagram Comments (Excel):

If you would like to export lots of Instagram opinions for giveaway action or investigation, there’s a way we will share with you. By all remark amassing platforms we discovered, the subsequent one is the ideal. It permits one of the free trials to export most 200 opinions to sheets. Allow me to show you the way you can replicate Instagram opinions using it.

  • Proceed into the targeted Instagram article and copy the URL into the article.
  • Open the connection of, glue the Instagram connection on the particular region of the net, and select to continue.
  • Opt for the selection of available and time formats. Click “EXPORT”
  • Harness “Download Excel File” to export the information of remarks.

The Best Way to Copy Instagram Comments (Company Way):

Should you have to replicate and gather real-time Instagram remarks for the organization, Iconosquare is a viable platform that will assist you. Iconosaquare is intended to replicate real-time information from the targeted Instagram or even Facebook account’s opinions, shares, likes, etc. The accumulated database will be updated every 5-10 minutes.

However, Iconosaquare does not supply you the support for private accounts. It needs your organization info before using it. Now finishing this information, you can begin your 14-day trial.


Instagram is a top-rated social platform these days. It also has the feature to comments on other people’s posts like Facebook. But the problem is you just read these comments and can’t copy someone’s comment. So what is the solution to this problem? How to copy Instagram comments? Above in this article, we mentioned the best ways to copy Instagram comments. By following these ways, you can easily copy a comment on Instagram.

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