Cayin The Latest Amplifier Has Launched in Market

Cayin may be a well-reputed company that has made its name for the products for audiophiles or we will say the music lovers; also, people can purchase an entire range of Cayin products after using them from many online stores. In its portfolio, it’s maintained its high-end products that have gained popularity to its company over time.


Cayin manufactures differing types of amplifiers like powered amplifiers, tube integrated amplifiers, vacuum amplifiers and lots of more. Their prices are very affordable and that they do have various products of tube electronics and also they are doing ship their products across the world.

Many online spokespersons mention that Cayin has maintained its portfolio for having an honest range of audio products and also offer reasonable prices for his or her brand-new products. The amplifiers do have their covers and are also controlled by the remotes. Another spokesperson mentions that the audio systems provide magical and delightful music for the ears of the listener and therefore the better part is it decreases the noise to a really low frequency that’s nearly negligible and provides the soothing sound or the right music required.

The online shop of Cayin products offers China hi-fi audio and provides a hi-fi range of vacuum amplifiers, also as CD players and power amplifiers and lots of other great brands.


The power amplifier within the stock of China HiFi Audio has now been integrated with Cayin A88T mk2 to reinforce the end-user experience. The shipping weight of this product is 30 kg and it also features a tube cage cover along side a foreign control. EL34, 6550 (EH), and KT88 are the various sorts of power tubes that are given this product.

Cayin Amplifire

The same amplifier can provide three different sorts of sound as this amplifier uses three different sorts of power tubes. The sound quality of this product is additionally improved significantly compared to others because it comes with an optimized amplifier circuit. A protection circuit has also been placed so as to scale back the danger of injury to the facility supply and output transformer and it isn’t just the technicalities that are made high end. it’s a really sophisticated appearance thanks to the utilization of high-grade automotive painting technology.

The tube amplifier Cayin 300B which is additionally a tube integrated amplifier is out there online also. It comes up with a tube that’s purely electronic.

Key Features of the Products:

With Cayin A-88T MK2, people are ready to enjoy three sorts of sound in one amplifier system that’s used with tube EL34, KT88 and 6550. it’s a shut-down memory function added with it.

It provides a far better musical experience to the listeners due to the high-end coupling series of Realcap PPMF-S series. there’s no risk of injury to output transformers and power supply thanks to perfectly protected circuits. there’s a high-end luxury appearance. High-grade automotive paint technology has been used for the bottom of the system.

They provide tube protective covers for each system of theirs. The noises are generally controlled and are available out as a sweet and really low range tone.

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