Top Five Project Portfolio Management Software For 2021

The Project Portfolio Management Software (PPM) is a solution for businesses to manage multiple projects at once. The basic Project Management Software is suitable for companies working on a single project. While working on projects, there is a designated ‘Project Portfolio Manager. They need to have a level of understanding on a progressive level for many projects. Often, projects assigned to an individual in a portfolio can differ from those assigned to the other.

Project Portfolio Management Software

Project Portfolio Management Software makes it easier to understand the available resources. One is also able to understand the timeline and goals related to business. This software allows managers to become aware and coordinate. It facilitates planning on the requirements for future projects.

Tools like the Project Portfolio Management Software assures timely completion of all the projects. It also keeps in mind the affordability. There are many other aspects it is capable of. Assessing the risks to performance issues, insights on the executive level, to name a few. 

If the software’s current usage does not meet your current requirements, up-grading to a PPM solution is advisory. To be acquainted with the most efficient Project portfolio management software, the top five software tools are as follows:

1. Planstreet

Planstreet remains one of the best portfolio management software tools there is. It has diverse functionality with incredibly powerful tools to aid in all needs. It is an all in one software incorporating all the tools that you may possibly require.


Some of them are:

  • Milestone tracking
  • Keeping track of time and also expenses
  • Budgeting
  • Collaboration
  • Reporting with proper analytics
  • There is a proper project risk management system
  • All planning of resources is centralized
  • There is a backlog board available, which helps to estimate the total work that is there on the pipeline. It further helps in understanding its complexity
  • Project Sprint Board is available that helps in illustrating the work going on at any given instant of time

There are a lot more features. The project portfolio management software provided by Planstreet provides a comprehensive solution to all management needs. It has tools for resource management, financial management, Time & Expense management, and even project management. It makes it the ultimate tool for any project manager. It provides an easy and efficient aid to increase productivity as well as profitability. 

A trial is available for those who wish to understand the wonders this portfolio management software can do truly.

2. Sciforma

Having a history of 30 and more years in the industry, Sciforma is a scalable PPM software widely trusted by more than 300000 people. With a distinctive set of solutions for Project, Resource, Work, and Time Management, Sciforma’s Project Portfolio Management Software is one among the many software that is popularly known for its features in the market.


The most criticized feature of Sciforma is the software’s overall health score, based on a comprehensive algorithm. It puts emphasis on quality, cost, and also time. Apart from it, the features and benefits provided by the software are,

  • Assess the ideas related to the organization’s capacity
  • Create defining criteria for decision-making
  • Evaluate the ‘what if’ scenarios regarding the work and cash flow, along with the impact on the budget
  • Monitor the budget consumption
  • Provides you with a Portfolio-level collaborative work management

Added features provided by Sciforma are that it is easy, sturdy, scalable, and an all-in-one feature for you to avail for. 

3. Proggio

A very agile portfolio management tool. Created especially for Jira users. If you are a Jira user, Proggio is your requirement. Jira is an integrative software; wherein you can create an account and directly link it with Jira right away, without any complex procedures.

Top Five Project Portfolio Management Software For 2021

Some of the highlights include:

  • A progressive roadmap
  • Strategic planning
  • To eliminate data silos
  • Visual management
  • Monitoring the progress of R&D
  • Aligning the Jira tasks with the roadmap

The software also provides a free plan for initial usage, but the drawback is that it supports only a single active project, which does not share a room with practicality for Project Portfolio Management. While business plans begin with $30 per user per month, you also have a five-user minimum capacity that supports up to 20 ongoing projects.

 If you have a team with more than 20 members or businesses conducting and managing more than 20 projects, you will have to get in-touch with Proggio for a custom quote.

 Note: All the paid plans provided by Proggio have free trial availability.

 4. Changepoint

This software adheres to PPM solutions. The Changepoint software provides you with a wide variety of tools and technologies related to Project Portfolio Management. It provides product development, enterprise architecture, and service delivery. The core component of the software is ‘Strategic Portfolio Management.’ This ensures that businesses scale their portfolios while aligning the roadmap with corporate strategy.

Top Five Project Portfolio Management Software For 2021

Explicitly designed for SMEs and larger organizations, let’s have an overview of the features provided by Changepoint,

  • Complete coordination
  • Enterprise PMO
  • Priority boards for ongoing projects
  • Visual roadmaps
  • (Project Management Office) PMO tools
  • Project roadmaps
  • Intake planning
  • Product development
  • IT PMO

It provides a flexible way to work with. It is a software that is easy to adapt, provides real-time analysis, and informs changes within the market.

5. Mavenlink

Mavenlink is a stand-alone software from every other alternative provided. Its emphasis is on remote work and team collaborations. Designed for service-related businesses, it is your one-stop destination for project portfolio management. It conveniently integrates with CRM tools and works towards eliminating the guesswork. Based on it, you will view your team’s progress, capacity, and demand on the project cycle.

Top Five Project Portfolio Management Software For 2021

On Mavenlink, you can view your task’s status in real-time to ensure the smooth flow of your clients. If you aren’t, the software offers you the required information to make the required adjustments.

An additional feature provided by Mavenlink is its built-in team collaboration tools, which helps keep everyone in the loop. The different plans provided by the software are,

  • Teams – For those who have just begun
  • Pro – Project planning and tracking
  • Premier – Track the billable hours
  • Enterprise – For enterprises with ultimate security solutions

Now with the overview of the Project Portfolio Management software out there, all you have to do is create a team and assign the required tasks. It is a software that changes the status from in progress to completed in no time. So, without further delay, go grab your free trial, understand your requirements, and try out the unique features provided with any of the software mentioned above. Worth a try, and we are sure that you will keep on doing so once you use it.

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