2 Best Screen Capture & Keylogger Apps for 2021 [Updated]

Technology is playing a significant role in current scenarios. When it comes to the business side these two Keylogger Apps for 2021 have to manage remarkably to increase the productivity of a business and to keep employees in the discipline in working hours on business-owned devices. Moreover, parents have used technology to set parental control on children’s digital phones and PCs.

Keylogger Apps for 2020

The two major communities of the world, businessmen and parents these days are used to using screen recording apps to make sure about productivity and to safeguard kids and teens to become vulnerable to online predators respectively. Screen recording apps are playing a positive role to track digital phones, tablets, PCs, and computer devices.

Best Keylogger Apps for 2021:

It is an application that is been particularly designed developed for recording the screen of cellphones, tablets, PCs, and computer devices. You can install it on the target device and then use the web portal to use these tools to capture back-to-back short videos of the screen in a sequence and then recorded short videos of your desired target device delivered to the online web portal.

What Is Screen Recording Software?

Two major key players are providing this particular tool alongside plenty of other features that work on digital devices and provide you entire the information available on the target devices. TheOneSpy and OgyMogy are the ones that are pack with this powerful tool. You can subscribe to it from both of the platforms and also get dozens of features alongside two to get more information alongside the recording of the screen. Let’s discuss the two separately.


It is a monitoring software for cellphones, tablets, PCs, and computers. It was developed to monitor employees’ business-owned devices for better productivity and safety. It is equally beneficial for the surveillance of children to make sure online safety and to prevent them from online predators. You can install it on the target device of your desire and use the dashboard features including screen recording.

You can further use features such as IM logs, call recording, VoIP call recording, screenshots, keystrokes logging, email tracking, GPS location tracking, website blocking on cellphones. You can block websites, surround recording, on-demand screenshots, view installed apps, keylogger, and activity logs tools for PCs.

In addition to that, you can use block websites, camera bugs, MIC bugs, screen recorder, keystrokes logging, and capture screenshots for mac laptops and desktops. All of its products and features have so much depth for multiple OS and devices. Therefore, you can get TheOneSpy screen recording app with multiple products and alongside hundreds of features.

TOS Compatibility:

It is compatible with android, PCs, and MAC running with the latest OS versions and you can use it secretly on Android devices without root even on the latest OS version 10.

How to install TheOneSpy?

Get a subscription online and receive credentials and get physical access to the target device. Start the installation process and ended up with activation. Get access to the web portal and use features to get the desired results.


It is a surveillance application for mobile phones, PC, and computer devices. It means, it works on these digital devices and enables you to record the screen in real-time all of these sorts of devices. You can install it on the target device and get access to the online dashboard and you can upload the information running on your target devices.

Keylogger for Windows

Moreover, you can visit all the features of cellphone tracking software such as screen recorder, call recording, IM logs, email tracking, screenshots, GPS locations, and internet history. Furthermore, you can use PC monitoring software features such as screen recording for widows, on-demand screenshots, view installed apps, activity logs, GPS location for windows, surround recording, and browsing activities.

last but not the least, it is pack with computer surveillance app features such as camera bug, MIC bugging, keystrokes, screenshots, live screen recording, and others. It means OgyMogy has screen recording features for phones, PCs, and computer laptops, and desktop devices. That’s why this is on the list of the Best Keylogger Apps for 2021.

OgyMogy Compatibility:

It is compatible with mac, windows PCs, and with computer devices and you can use it on android cellphone devices secretly.

How to install OgyMogy?

Visit the official webpage to get the license and credentials. Get physical access and install it on the target device of your desire. Complete the installation process successfully and get access to the web portal to use powerful features including the screen.


These are the two best screen recording software in the business that are pack with dozens of other features for phones, tablets, PCs, and computer devices.

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