How to Fix Touch Senstivity S10 & S10+ Samsung Galaxy

Like every other smart device within the world today. These phones aren’t without their flaws. There are a variety of issues or challenges you’ll face sooner or later. There’s already a couple of individuals complaining about issues with the touch sensitivity S10. if your Samsung galaxy s10 or s10+ touchscreen isn’t working properly. You’ll be ready to fix it yourself, counting on what’s causing the difficulty. Here, we’ll highlight simple solutions to touchscreen issues.

Touch Senstivity S10

The Samsung galaxy s10 and s10+ are great smartphones. The well-designed android smartphones don’t just stand out but stand apart. In terms of performance, there are only a few smart devices compared to what the Samsung galaxy s10 family offers. The next-generation technology that adapts to you is nearly perfect: intelligent performances recognize your mobile behavior and optimizes usage supported them. Altogether honesty will make your life better.

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How to Fix Accidental Touch Sensitivity S10:

This issue is common among many users. From the time when S10 and S10+ have curved touchscreen. When someone accidental touch on the side of the display. It will open the apps panel and may even launch some apps. A fast setting can rectify this issue:

  • Go to Setting
  • Select Display
  • Navigate to Accidental Touch Protection
  • Switch it ON.

This function will help you to prevent the screen from on when it accidental taps and touches even in your, bag, pocket, & dark areas.

Samsung Touch Sensitivity

Alternatively, you’ll use “Edge Touch“, an app developed by Samsung, to line up the sting zones and solve the matter. This will easily be done by following the steps below:

  • Go to AppLock and search Edge Touch
  • Install the Application on your device and execute it
  • Select Optimized
  • You can add edge zones by modifying the Grip zone and Blocked zone.

How to Fix Freezing Screen Issue or Unresponsive:

This is one of the most important issues your Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10+ screen can have. There are different possible things which will cause your screen to freeze or become unresponsive and there are alternative ways you’ll solve them.

Remove Screen Protector:

It is unusual that a screen protector is the cause of screen freezing or becomes completely unresponsive. If there’s no physical damage and you think that your screen could also be the explanation for screen issues, you’ll activate the Touch sensitivity S10 feature as explained before. If this doesn’t work, try removing the screen protector to ascertain if your device can start working properly again.

Take the Device to A Samsung Service Center if There’s Physical Damage:

If your screen became unresponsive after you dropped your device hard on the ground, the likelihood is that high that there are physical damages. Such a problem can’t be fixed by any sort of software trick. this is often especially the case if your screen is cracked or showing clear damage from a drop. counting on the extent of the injury, experienced technicians at any Samsung Service Center may assist you. A full replacement of the screen assembly will get your device working again if there’s no damage to other important parts.

Decrease Touch Sensitivity S10

Restart the Device:

Turning off your Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10+ and starting afresh can solve screen issues. A soft reset, because the procedure is named, is one of the quality troubleshooting procedures which will fix touchscreen problems. To restart your phone, follow the steps below:

Press and hold both the facility and Volume Down buttons at an equivalent time until the upkeep Boot Mode screen appears (this can take approximately 10 seconds) Select Normal Boot (you can use the quantity buttons to scroll and therefore the lower left button below the quantity buttons to select) Wait for about 90 seconds for the reset procedure to be completed.

A Few Words from Tech Hub Gadgets:

Samsung is one of the great smartphone manufacturing brands. The flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S10 is really a very great device. But as we know Nothing is 100% in this world. It is a great performance device but it has some touch sensitivity issues. You don’t need to worry about it we explain some ways to improve the sensitivity of your device and improve the working of it.

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