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Three items usually happen when I attempt to motif my iOS apparatus: changing the background, moving around the icons, and then delete or conceal the inventory program’s icons. And when I am not mistaken, that’s pretty much what you can do in the duration of altering the kind of your own iPhone or even iPad. Do not get me I’m grateful for all of the attributes that Apple has supplied. But, it is not sufficient to meet my imagination. Perhaps you have thought about moving beyond simply changing the desktop wallpaper? If so, this tutorial will explain to you the best way you can partially install iPhone themes without jailbreak. As it is non-jailbroken, the websites featured below will just let you motif the icons on your home screen.

iPhone Themes without Jailbreak


Produced by TooliPhone, iSkin has plenty of topics, and you may pick any of these to download in your own non-jailbroken iOS apparatus.

iPhone Themes without Jailbreak

Here’s a tutorial on how to utilize iSkin:

  • Open this webpage onto your iPhone
  • Click a topic you’d love to test.
  • Click “App icons”
  • Select the software you’d love to get the theme.
  • Optional: rename the habit icons should you talk to another language and would enjoy the icon tags be called along with your native language.
  • Click”Create theme”
  • You’ll be redirected to the Preferences program. Click Install and then enter your passcode if you’ve got a single set.
  • The program icons will appear on the previous page of the home screen.
  • Transfer the apps that are original to some folder, and then replace them with all custom icons on your home screen.

Wish to find out more about iSkin? Have a look at our comprehensive guide here. Pretty simple, right? Okay, let’s try another search engine! 


custom icons iphone without jailbreak

SwiftlyThemes is a contemporary, lightweight, and speedy theme engine for the iPhone and iPad. Here you will find the best iPhone themes without jailbreak.

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To put in SwiftlyThemes:

  • Open the Safari browser program and see this page
  • Click the”Download Today’s Version” button at the bottom of the page.
  • You’re going to be redirected to some other webpage. Click the button.
  • You’ll be redirected to the Preferences program. Click set up to continue
  • Today, you’ll see that the SwiftlyThemes icon
  • Open the program, click browse and pick an issue.
  • Click on the download button, tap the Install button
  • You’re going to be redirected to an advertisement. Wait a couple of seconds and click on Rename Advertisement, then move to the preceding page and wait patiently.
  • Press put settings. Then enter your passcode when you’ve got a single set.
  • About the home screen, you will see an icon named iNSTALLER. Open it and wait patiently.
  • Press put settings and then enter your passcode when you’ve got a single set.
  • Proceed to the home screen, and transfer on the icons where you need them to become.
  • Hide the first icons in another folder.


iPhone Themes non Jailbreak

Contrary to the last websites, iCustom lets you substitute the program’s icons on your home screen with your habit images.

  • Open this site on your browser
  • Click the Start Now
  • Select a photograph
  • Pick a program.
  • Click “Let’s GO!”
  • Now click Open Popup
  • Click on the talk button and choose to add to the home screen on your Safari browser.
  • You finally have a customized icon on your home screen!



Already tired of simply altering the icons? Let us try something just a tiny bit different. IEmpty is a tool that permits you to personalize your house display by leaving blank spaces between icons.

  • Proceed into editing mode in your iOS apparatus, swipe into the past (blank) house display, and earn a screenshot.
  • Open this site from your browser and then click on add.
  • Select file, choose the screenshot before and click on upload photograph.
  • Currently, click the icons that looked on the background on the site, and then upload them into your home display.
  • After clicking on the icon, press adds and share to the home screen.
  • Proceed to its location.

Because you may see, it is likely to theme your iOS apparatus without jailbreak. But, almost all of the motif engines above do exactly the same job. Now that I consider it using a jailbroken iPhone is obviously great as you get to rest loose from Apple limitations.


Every phone user wants to change the appearance of the phone like theme and wallpaper etc. If you are an iPhone user then by changing the wallpaper, moving the icons around, and delete or hide the stock app’s icons, you can completely change your iPhone look. Don’t know how to get iPhone themes without jailbreak? No need to worry about it. Above in this article, we mentioned all the possible ways to change your iPhone theme. Change your phone look and Enjoy!

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