How to Solve 5 Common Computer Issues

Would you like to know what the most common computer issues the end-user or business organization faces today? These issues could be occurring on a day-to-day basis and without you knowing anything about it.

The best approach to planning for the future of your business (or computer system in general). Is to learn about the various issues that individuals go through day-to-day. With this information, you will learn the various ways that you can combat these issues, with actionable strategies.

Technology is forever moving forward, which means it’s constantly changing. As new technology enters the market, it’s not long before something even more exciting, efficient and impressive is ushered in to replace it. In order to avoid these common issues our computer systems face, it’s important that we take the necessary time to learn about them, and the things we can do to combat them.

These issues users face can be something as small as slow system performance, or something more severe like blue screen of death errors. The vast majority of which can be resolved with a simple system restart. The more time you spend learning about these problems, the more equipped you’ll be to combat them when they actually occur.

These computer issues will happen, regardless of what you do. Such problems happen to users of all experience levels. This is why you want to teach yourself, at least the basics of computer support, as it’s likely to help you in the long run.

Now let’s get into the most common computer issues that you are likely to face today.

solve common computer issues

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 Poor Network Security:

One of the most efficient ways of securing your business is through the implementation of network security. It’s also equally important that said businesses learn the common pitfalls so they know what to look out for.

Having a network that is safe and secure is extremely important, irrespective of the size of the company – it could have 3 employees, but that doesn’t mean you should slack when it comes to security.

The reality is hackers don’t really care about such things when it comes to attacking the confidential data of a company. It’s not uncommon for some cybercriminals to specifically go after the smaller company, this is because they theorize that such companies are less likely to have such robust security measures in place. Which ultimately translates into a much easier and simpler task.

When it comes to cybersecurity that is something that you certainly want to be proactive about. This means taking the appropriate steps to ensure your network and all your devices are secure.

You also want to ensure all employees are given the necessary training so that they are better equipped to implement the security measures put in place, like the company firewall or backup plan and policy on password upkeep and general system maintenance.

 Low Disk Space:

A lot of end-users are unaware of how important it is that they have enough free space on their hard drives. It’s important that before you install anything, you ensure there is enough free space left behind. This is because the hard drive needs this space when running the application in question. Computer games, for example, are especially resource-hungry and thus, require even more free space than usual. If your hard drive lacks free space, it can oftentimes lead to random crashing.

Depending on how large your actual hard drive is, you want to ensure that it has at least 10% of its hard drive space is free, with comparable available RAM. If you’re running out of places to store your data you can always try the cloud or OneDrive. Otherwise, it may be time for you to do some spring cleaning.

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 My Computer Keeps Restarting:

Problems that involve system hardware can be quite difficult to both diagnose and fix. The first thing you want to ensure is that your system isn’t updating itself, as this will usually result in automatic restarts during and after the installation phase. If it’s not that, then you should look at updating the drivers for all your available hardware components. This may include your network card, graphics card, CPU, and motherboard.

When it comes to random restarts, it can be so many different things, like adware, viruses, overheating, and in some rare cases, something as simple as an outdated graphics card driver.

Does your computer make unusual sounds? Your problem could be as a result of dirt or a build-up of dust within the case. The vast majority of systems today come with overheat protection. This means they will automatically shut down before they overheat. This could possibly be the reason why you are experiencing random restarts. Especially if it’s occurring while running the most intensive applications, like video editing and computer games.

 Unsolicited Pop-up Ads:

Have you noticed ads appearing on your system despite your web browser being closed? If so, then it’s most likely that you have an adware program running on your system. It’s not uncommon for third-party software developers to install a small adware program on your system as a result of a greater installation. These adware tools are in no way harmful, but they can be annoying and adversely affect system performance.

To remove these adware programs, you will need to run a full scan of your system, using whatever antivirus scanner you have installed. If it’s able to locate the program. Then it will give you the option to decide what you want to do with it. Alternatively, you can just uninstall it the same way it was installed. This is probably the first method you should try.

Printer Does Not Work:

Assuming there is nothing visibly wrong with your printer, like the cartridge, toner, or paper settings. Then you’ll want to check the print queue to examine the status of all your print jobs. If an issue occurs with one of your jobs, it may inadvertently hold up the printer. You also want to disable the Use Printer Offline option. This will avoid the situation where some documents do not print.

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