5 Ideas to Improve Your Fashion Marketing Campaigns

Whether in New York, London, Milan, or Paris, the fashion weeks (or Fashion Week ) are highly publicized and follow each other both on television and in streaming. A marketing opportunity not to be missed for the brands in the sector… and for advertisers thanks to brand content. Fashion marketing campaigns must be original in order to gain a place in the hearts of consumers.

Fashion Marketing Campaigns

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Improve Your Fashion Marketing Campaigns:

Today, these consumers demand an ever more personalized and entertaining experience when interacting with brands. They want to be inspired, entertained, or informed. To differentiate themselves, having a content strategy that offers varied and innovative formats has become essential for brands active in fashion. Such a strategy allows them to engage Internet users, promote loyalty, and, ultimately, increase their sales.

One of the ways to innovate is to bet on interactivity. Fashion brands can use this interaction to:

  • Strengthen their notoriety,
  • Influence purchasing behavior,
  • Retain their customers,
  • Collect data on Internet users.

Find out how to inspire and engage with your audience to increase your sales through five fashion marketing ideas (+2 bonus) and a real-time example. Let’s go for your dose of inspiration!

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1. The Fashion Personality Test:

Use a personality test to highlight your new collection and collect data on your users’ preferences. For example, invite your audience to discover the perfume, the pair of shoes, the bag, or the coat that best matches their style and personality.

Pro Tip: At the end of the test screen, add a unique code that allows you to benefit from a reduction. You will encourage participants to finish their test with a purchase in your online store … or in-store. But beware! Not everyone will be ready to purchase directly. Take advantage of the data collected through your test to offer offers and personalized content later in order to nurture the relationship with your prospect. This can in particular be done via your newsletter or through Facebook advertising campaigns for example (consider using Personal or Similar Audiences ).

You can also use the conditional connection in your personality test to create a gift guide based on your products ?

2. The Collaborative “lookbook” Photo Gallery:

Consumers today create a lot of content that they share online. So let your audience create your marketing content!

What ASOS did: The online store created a campaign called “As Seen on Me” and asked people to share photos of them wearing items they bought from ASOS. The photos were then inserted into a gallery linking each item to e-commerce.

The goal? Show ideas for looks from your own community and give customers the chance to appear on their site. The gallery has been published on the ASOS website and on social networks:

3. The Podium Survey:

Let your audience decide and get instant feedback on your products! Imagine a poll where your audience would have to choose which look of your next collection should parade on the podium of Fashion Week in Milan, Paris, New York, or London. A great way to engage and engage your audience, but also to collect data on their preferences and give an overview of the kind of look that will be in the parade ?

Fashion Marketing Campaigns Ideas

4. The Puzzle:

Everyone loves puzzles! They engage your audience and are created in just a few minutes. Try it for yourself with our live example below:

The operating mode is very simple:

  • Choose one or more image (s) and the level of difficulty (6 or 9 pieces).
  • A puzzle will be generated automatically.
  • Add a little challenge to your game by asking your audience to rebuild the puzzle in a minimum of clicks and/or as quickly as possible.

5. The Essential Battle:

Even if you don’t work in fashion, use Fashion Week as a marketing opportunity. To help you in Improve Your Fashion Marketing Campaigns, the battle is the essential format! Before Fashion Week, ask your internet users in which city they would dream of spending Fashion Week. Encourage them to participate in your battle to try to win a trip to the city of their choice, for example.

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