Dual Screen Laptops | One Computer with Two Screens

Dual screen laptops may be a laptop that has two screens built into an equivalent unit. This will combat a spread of styles, as we’ve seen from many top brands. the foremost notable original design comes from ASUS in 2012. The Taichi Windows 8 notebook was before its time; the rear had a full HD touchscreen to enrich the most display. These days most of the manufacturing companies are developing dual-screen laptops to increase the facility for users.

Dual Screen Laptops

Who Should Use a Dual Screen Laptop?

Dual-screen laptops have a way broader audience. Your needs will dictate which dual screen laptop is best for you; all of them differ in size and functionality.

Which Dual-Screen Laptops Are Currently Available?

Here are all the large players within the dual-screen laptop game:

Intel Honeycomb Glacier Hinged Dual-Screen Laptop

The Honeycomb Glacier may be a hinged dual-screen laptop that’s geared especially towards designers and creators. The laptop’s hinge lifts the 15.6-inch main display and props up the 12.3-inch secondary display. The keyboard is flat for better typing speed.

Asus Zen Book Pro Duo Expanded-Screen Laptop

Featuring a full keyboard and trackpad, the additional display on the ZenBook Pro Duolives just above the keyboard. This laptop is designed for improving your workflow. It also offering extra space to stay your apps, documents, and knowledge accessible. Both screens are powerful 15.6-inch 4K OLED. You can easily drag and drop anything easily from one screen to another. 

Intel Twin River Dual-Screen Fabric Laptop

Arguably the foremost stylish, the win River seems like two tablets joined together. Both displays are 12.3 inches, meaning they will both serve any function you would like . instead of a keyboard, rock bottom of the laptop features the additional display. Its versatile design you can also use it as a laptop or a tablet. It’s complete with a polyester, polyamide, and lycra combination base.

Microsoft Centaurus Dual-Screen Laptop

This is the one we all know the smallest amount about. Rumor has it, Microsoft showed off the device internally to their employees. Showing it off internally means the general public may even see it by the top of the year, so expect some rumors and leaks leading up to the launch.

What are the restrictions of a dual-screen laptop?

These devices sound great in theory and lots of brands try to outdo each other with more impressive specs, more compact designs, and better looks. the present options seem ideal for creatives who need more screen space on the go. But, we may even see some slow responsiveness within the screens within the first iterations.

Also, for those that are familiar with a standard laptop, having two displays might take some getting won’t. for a few devices, it forces the keyboard to be more compact. For others, there’s no keyboard in the least.

Should I buy a dual-screen laptop?

Like every new technology, there are sure to be duds. While we’re seeing many designs and future ideas, it’s tough to work out if these devices will function exactly because of the consumer needs.

For now, we’d suggest the Intel Twin River. The exceptional design is merely outdone by the very fact that both displays are equal in size. You’ll do anything you would like on one also because the other, giving total versatility.

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