Download Mode on S8 & S8+ | How To Enter and Exit [Complete Guide]

Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ series is one of the best smartphones in the market. The Samsung phone’s operating system is very user friendly, but there are a few reasons which may need you to go into download mode on S8 or S8 Plus. What is download mode? Download mode is a very advanced feature in all Samsung galaxy devices where you can flash system images on your Samsung device. By using download mode you can also flash stock firmware, recovery, and a whole lot more.

Download Mode S8

What Is Download Mode:

As you know the Samsung phone has a user-friendly operating system. The download mode on S8 or S8+ is very useful for users who are quite familiar with the Android OS. In Samsung galaxy devices, the download is the best way to fix a boot loop or a bricked phone, flash stock firmware, or reset your device.

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On the previous Samsung galaxy like s7, note 5 if you want to enter the download mode you need to hold the power button, volume down button, and the home button at the same time. To perform this procedure you would first turn off the phone, hold the mentioned button at the same time for a few seconds until your device turns on, and when your device turns on, it will boot into download mode.

How to Enter Download Mode on S8 & S8 Plus:

As you know when Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 and S8+, they remove the home button to increase the screen size. Now the both S8 & S8+ do not have the home button. Now the question is how the user enters the download mode on this device? Well, don’t worry about it because Samsung also introduced a new key that we can use to enter the download mode on the Galaxy S8 Plus & Galaxy S8.

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, they introduced Bixby. Bixby is Samsung’s official assistant. To increase the flexibility for users to launch the AI, Samsung added the Bixby button that is below the phones’ volume rockers. This button activates the Samsung assistant, Bixby when it is pressed. This button is also the new key that is used to boot the Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus into recovery or download mode instead of the Home button.

Step to Boot S8 & S8+ Into Download Mode or Recovery Mode:

Here are the main steps to enter the download mode or recovery mode on S8 & S8+.


  • First of all, you need to turn off your Galaxy S8 and S8+. Make sure that your device is completely off before you proceed.
  • Now press the power key, volume down button, and Bixby button at the same time and hold them down until the phone turns on. When the device turns on, it will boot into download mode.
  • When you enter the download mode, a screen will come up displaying a warning to you. Now press the volume up button to skip the warning and proceed to download mode.
  • Now your galaxy device will display “Downloading. Do not turn off-target”.

So this is the all procedure. Now your Galaxy S8 or S8+ in download mode. That’s very easy, all you need to do is follow the step to entering download mode on your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+. Now you can easily flash stock firmware or other image files using Odin. Now, what if you want to exit the download mode. It is also very easy, you just need to press the same three buttons (volume down, the power keys, and Bixby button) at the same time until the phone’s screen turns off. Now turn on your device by just pressing the power button until the phone turns on.

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If you want to enter the download mode in your Samsung galaxy device then you just need to read the complete article for all information. We defined everything in this article like, how to enter download mode & and how to exit the download mode. All you need to do is follow the steps that are mentioned above.

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