Selin Sakarcan Explains the Advantages of Social Media for Doctors

Social media is no longer a means of entertainment alone. It serves very many important purposes, which can be largely beneficial, particularly when it comes to business. Every kind of trade can use social media advantageously. The doctors too can benefit from this technological blessing, imposes Selin Sakarcan, who is a resident at Bridgeport, CT.

She believes that since doctors are among the busiest professionals on the planet, they barely have a personal life. Most of the time they are at the beck and call of others; they cannot escape any emergency as they take the oath of protecting good health and life for anyone in need. That is perhaps one of the primary reasons why professionals of this category need to become active on social media.

Among the several privileges that social media gives to an individual, a few can be looked into as Selin Sakarcan likes to share it with everyone.

  1. Branding purposes – the internet has brought the entire world at the convenience of one’s fingertips. By this, it has become easier to make one’s presence felt to the world at large and sell your product or service. Thus, doctors must certainly be putting themselves out there for people to know what they know and what they specialize in. it may also be very helpful for people who may be looking out for a particular doctor.
  2. Staying connected with patients – follow-up is a very important part of becoming a doctor. The doctor is not just responsible for prescribing medicines. He/she needs to know how the patient reacted to the particular medicine given. Social media proves to be very helpful in this regard, as it helps the doctor and the patients connect easily and remain connected as well. Blogging is a common practice these days, by posting useful health-related articles on their sites, the doctors can help spread knowledge that the common man can acquire and behave accordingly.
  3. Connecting with other doctors – while practicing one doctor could require the suggestion, consultation, or help of another colleague. This is when social media helps find them out even though they may not have been in touch for a long time. The social media platform helps them find out those colleagues and work along with them. At times, the experiences of other doctors that they share on social media serve as a reference and a way to learn new things through their experiences. This also enables a doctor to remain up to date with the latest additions to the world of medicine and wellness.
  4. Develop new skills– the numerous videos and tutorials available on social media help to educate oneself and remain abreast with an abundance of knowledge. A doctor too says Selin Sakarcan can take up courses and enhance their skill set by spending some time on social media.
  5. Discover new job openings – doctor also looks for better opportunities to upgrade themselves professionally. Social media acts like an open market for all opportunities. They could easily find jobs and gradually add movement to their professional growth. 

The impact of social media in our personal and professional life cannot be denied. Therefore, doctors too need to leverage this opportunity to reach out to their patients and boost their professional growth.

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