How to Delete PS4 Messages Step by Step Complete Guide

When Online video games on consoles came to be popular with Playstation 3 as well as Xbox 360, messaging came to be a vital thing for creating video game approaches, welcoming players to video games, or even making friends. Learn just how to create, send out and delete PS4 messages.

How to Delete Ps4 Messages

So, how to create, send, and delete PS4 messages Unlike what is utilized to take place on old Sony gaming consoles, on PS4, every individual you start exchanging messages ends up being a group. Yes, it sounds odd; however, this is how it works. You can exchange messages with a single person and likewise develop groups with a number of people.

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This option can help individuals who play with each other or generally arrange improvements to collect specific trophies in games. Each created message can contain up to 512 characters.

How to Create Messages on Ps4?

Here is how you can send a message to someone, follow the steps along.

  • Select the message symbol:
  • Go to “Create Message”

How to Delete Ps4 Messages

  • Select a person from your list

How to Delete Ps4 Messages

  • Type your message and press send

To acquire groups, create a message, tag the players you want to speak to, and send the message. Afterward, the group will work as a chat.

How to Delete PS4 Messages Step by Step Guide:

Here is how to delete Ps4 messages step by step, follow along.

  • Select the message you wish to delete

leave a conversation in ps4

  • Click “options” on the control and select leave.

confirm the conversation leave

  • Confirm the option to leave

Concerning deleting messages from PS4 For those that originated from the older Sony systems like the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita, it was usual to go on each message and delete it. This was because the messages were stored on each device.

Attention: Deleted messages are still kept on the PlayStation Network servers, though. If you delete a message from a friend and later on message that person, the older messages will undoubtedly come back as a part of the message thread– so you can’t permanently delete them.

On Playstation 4, the system functions work moderately in different ways. Although messages show up on the device, they are saved on a Sony server, so it is not likely to completely delete messages. Rather, we should choose the option to “leave” a discussion to no longer see that web content if you exchange messages with someone, as well as pick to “leave” that discussion. When you talk to that person again, the system will pull the history of previous conversations.

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