Where to Get Rebis, Nigredo and Albedo in Witcher 3 – Complete Guide

Getting Rebis, Nigredo, and Albedo in Witcher 3: Wild Quest, 3 of the most useful chemical items in the video game, entails a specific goal, in which you will certainly need to finish some tasks to discover the solutions. Discover where to get Nigredo, Rebis, and Albedo in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt below, using a couple of tips.

Where to Get Albedo in Witcher 3

Where to Get Rebis, Nigredo, and Albedo in The Witcher 3

Albedo, Rebis, and Nigredo are among the rarest in The Witcher 3: Wild Quest and some ingredients used in alchemy solutions, among the most effective in the video game. However, they additionally require to be made up of various other materials, and also, you can only achieve the three formulas via a mission. It is advised that the gamer is at least level 20 to make sure that it is easy to complete.

You can begin the mission in three various methods:

  • Speak With Otto Bamber at the Herbalist’s Hut, northeast of the Novigrad Gateway, in Oxenfurt;
  • Talk with the Druid vendor Yolar at Gedyneith;
  • Go by the Druid Gremist, who will certainly be sitting your cavern outdoors, additionally in Gedyneith.

After any one of these methods, open your quest menu and choose “Stage in Advanced Alchemy” and head to the Gremist workshop in Gedyneith, on the Skellige Islands.

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When you get there, you’ll see Gremist arguing with somebody else. Speak to him, who will certainly decline any demand from you in the beginning. However, insist and choose the choice “I desire you to educate me alchemy.”

In doing so, Gremist will provide you three jobs to approve you as an apprentice:

1. Obtain A Pimpinella

Where to Get Albedo in Witcher 3

Follow to the point noted on the map south of the Druid Camp in the Morskogen Woodland. Look for the Pimpinella on the plants, and also, Geralt will notice that they have already been gathered. After that, another druid will appear and want to accompany you, accept that.

Comply with the routes that will lead you to a pack of wolves, and also, after defeating them, you will certainly find a division on the path: one dropping the hill and the other down the hill. You can pick one or the other, but your final location is to climb in any case.

After the climb, you will certainly locate a succubus attracting a druid pupil. After the discussion, you can decide to kill the beast or not. Despite the choice, you need to access her cavern (by yourself or led by the succubus, depending on your option) and choose a Pimpinela among the various blossoms in the place.

2. Obtain a Vessel of Alcohol from An Old Distillery

Obtain a Vessel of Alcohol from An Old Distillery

It would be best if you continued to the old distillery in Monte Sereno, noted on the map for this job. When you arrive, you will certainly find a cyclops; beat it. After that, search the location and locate the items “Distiller’s Letter” and “Distiller’s Record,” this set with the distillery operation mode, among others. While moving upstairs, there is a mixture that you will certainly utilize to make the beverage.

Accessibility the still, pour the combination into it, and also light it. After Geralt states it’s fine, but the fire out, go to the bars, start the one on the right initially, and then the one on the delegated cool the beverage. That done, take the beverage and go.

3. Encourage Fritjof to Carry out A Routine with Gremist

Encourage Fritjof to Carry out A Routine with Gremist

The Fritjof druid can be discovered in Blandare, and also, you must persuade him to help Gremist. But first, you will certainly have to protect it while carrying out a ritual to bring in rainfall. Concur, and you will certainly continue to an altar, where a sacrifice will be made to draw in groups of nebulae. Kill them all (the wolf of Fritjof will help you and is unsusceptible to damages), and also when the danger passes, speak to him once more, and the druid will consent to help.

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After completing the three supports, talk to Gremist once more, and he will certainly send you back the following day. Wait for 24 hours (in-game time), go back, and discover that the “secret routine” involved only an inebriated binge amongst druids.

Here you’ll get the Rebis, Nigredo, and Albedo in Witcher 3

After finishing the mission, speak to Gremist again before his cave, and the druid will certainly currently sell things. Amongst them, the formulas Albedo, Rebis as well as Nigredo. To obtain the three alchemical items, you should comply with the dishes and acquire the ingredients bought each.

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