What a $1000 or Less Rent Budget Can Get You in Singapore

It is not a secret that Singapore has one of the most expensive costs of living in Asia. This can be observed from food expenses, utilities, and living costs. This can be attributed to the fact that Singapore has also one of the most successful economies in Asia. An apartment in Singapore would be pleasant. Thus, Singapore always attracts many investors and different businesses. Along with them are the working class that wants to live in the city. It is also common knowledge that Singapore has a small land area despite being one of the economic hotspots in Asia.

Apartment in Singapore

The lesser land area with many inhabitants can only mean competition. In basic economics, this means that demand is far greater than supply. Thus, a significantly higher price of rent and other costs of living is observed in Singapore. No matter what class you are from, this trend can be observed. This makes it harder to find a cheap apartment for rent in Singapore options. Whether you are opting to stay in a high-rise 5-star building or in a $1000 rental for studio apartment in Singapore, the cost of living is just way too high.

However, how can one afford high costs of living if there’s a pandemic-induced recession globally? Are there any alternatives to high-priced house arrangements in Singapore? Of course, there would be many alternatives. Therefore, in this article, we will help you find other options like a $1000 rental for a studio apartment in Singapore.

Studio Apartment in Singapore:

First on our list is a studio apartment. A cheap apartment for rent in Singapore can be the perfect option for someone who is looking to spend less. This can be perfect for you if you are used to or if you want to live alone. It may be smaller with regards to space compared to a 1-bedroom apartment. However, it is perfect for a limited budget. It may be a $1000 rental for a studio apartment in a Singapore unit. You can opt to live in a neighborhood you are comfortable with. Somewhere that is still comfortable and will give you access to basic necessities.

Usually, this cheap apartment in Singapore is fully furnished or is equipped with basic furniture and appliances you would need for day-to-day living. It can be inside an apartment complex that offers free parking spaces and even a free internet connection. Since this $ 1000 rental for a studio apartment in Singapore spaces is usually really meant for the working class, it is usually near MRT, bus stops, and even grocery marts. Before signing lease contracts, be sure to read building policies thoroughly. Some may be cheap but do not meet your lifestyles like pet Cheap requirements and curfews. 


Yes, this is possible. You can live in a condominium for $1000 or less. It may be one of the best alternatives for a cheap apartment for rent in Singapore units. The only catch is you are not going to be living alone. We all know how condominiums are really pricey. Even the cheapest ones will not get you $1000 less rental. Therefore, living in a shared space is the answer. Condominiums vary from studio units, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, or even 3-bedroom units. Most condominium units are leased fully furnished.

Therefore, looking for and buying appliances and basic pieces of furniture will not be a problem. These types of living arrangements require a share in the maintenance of utilities in the building. Basically, all unit owners are paying for the electricity in the hallways, guards, and attendants in the lobby. Condominiums usually have lighter policies or more relaxed rules when it comes to curfews, pets, and even visitors. Not only this, but occupants can also enjoy other amenities such as swimming pools and gyms in the building. Therefore, if you enjoy living within a shared space, this might be better than a cheap apartment for rent in Singapore option.

HDB Flats

HDB Flats or Housing and Development Board housing are houses that are usually meant for Singaporeans. However, they allow foreigners to rent with a maximum occupancy of just 18 months. There would be requirements that are needed to be eligible for these kinds of housing arrangements. However, this can be a good option for a cheap apartment for rent in Singapore choice. This is perfect if you need an entire unit for yourself as they have different housing offers.

They offer units that cost $1000 or less. This rental usually follows the Public Rental Scheme that gives subsidies to low-income Singaporean residents. For first-timers, it can cost around $333 or even less than that. For those that have rented an HDB flat before, rents can be higher. However, it would be still like renting a $1000 rental for a studio apartment in Singapore option for the low rent that they offer. These are definitely cheaper than condos since these are funded by the Singaporean government as they know that living costs are expensive.

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