iBall Musi Twins Bluetooth Speaker Review | Price & Specifications

If you want to share music with friends, Bluetooth speakers are one of the most reliable ways to share your music. There is a lot of range of Bluetooth speakers are available in the market. Similarly, iBall introduces a new Bluetooth speaker in the market which called ‘Musi Twins’. iBall Musi Twins is a unique and different kind of speaker.

iBall Musi Twins Review:

It’s not like the other Bluetooth speakers, these are two different speakers that connected to each other wirelessly. The best thing about these speakers are, you can join them into a single large speaker. This speaker also has water-resistant capabilities. This speaker is also is known as prestigious(Red Dot Award 2019) in the best design. We bring a detailed review of this product.


Iball Musi Twins

  • Bluetooth version: 4.2

  • Speakers weight: 840 g

  • Frequency response 80 Hz-20 Hz

  • Battery timing= 12 hours

  • Charging time= 3 hours

iBall Musi Twins Unique Design:

iBall Musi Twins have an eye-catching and unique design. Musi twin is one large speaker which is divided into two small speakers. These speakers are connected together wirelessly. It’s your choice to use one large speaker or two different small speakers. The manufacturer company gives attention to its every detail and use high-quality plastic. These speakers join to each other with a strong and premium lock.

Iball Musi Twins Review

Weight & Charging:

The weight of this device is 840 grams. It is a little heavy to carry around in your bag. These speakers are reliable and deliver rich sound than then cheap and low-quality regular speakers. These speakers are easily portable and reliable.

This speaker provides you 12 hours of battery timing. You can charge it through a dual micro USB port or you can charge it with a USB-A port that is present on the other side of speakers. In that way, it provides a more convenient way to charge you, speakers.

iBall Musi Twins Uses:

Musi Twins is a water-resistant Bluetooth speaker. You can also use it on your pool party. This device is water-resistant up to 1-meter deep water. It provides you a long-lasting battery life you also provide you to the facility to use it in a long tip. You can also connect it with your laptop or mobile phone through Bluetooth. You can also split it into two different speakers.

Battery Life:

The low battery life is really an annoying thing about Bluetooth speakers. Musi Twin has long-lasting battery life. You can continuously use it for 12 hours. These speakers provide you 12 hours of battery life when they are fully charged. When the speaker split in two different speakers each speaker carry its own battery. The charging time of the whole device is 3 hours, it’s mean it fully charge into 3 hours and provide the power for up to 12 hours.


iBall Musi Twins Verdict:

iBall take Bluetooth speakers to a whole new level. Musi Twin probably is one of the best Bluetooth speakers we are reviewed in our recent time. This device is expansive but iBall provides us very high-quality speakers which are really valuable.

This is one of the most unique and perfect design and it already received an award for its design. It is not heavy and easily portable speakers. It provides a very long-lasting battery life which is one of the most important things about these speakers.

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