Holiday Shopping Fails Online Merchants Should Avoid

A holiday season is a perfect way to end your year on a high note. A short span crammed with family, friends, celebrations, feasting, and feeling fab. But only if your online order arrives in time before the big day festivities begin. That’s why the holiday shopping season is termed as a time of buyers’ anxiety, especially when e-commerce retailers have become a part of the mix. As a result, merchants are also nervous about getting the orders shipped in time, particularly at this time of the year.

Holiday Shopping Fails

On the whole, e-commerce businesses in the US alone have witnessed a 13.2% rise in sales ($137.6 billion). Though the novel Coronavirus is expected to affect the holiday plans this year, the pandemic is less likely to kill the holiday shopping season. Since it’s the second lockdown, people are well prepared as they are looking to spend a meaningful festive season.

Holiday Shopping Fails Report:

According to new reports, the online buyer behavior looks solid as Deloitte expects the sales to grow by 25% to 35% between November and January.

Similarly, online merchants are also geared up to ship the orders. However, since the stakes are high, it isn’t surprising that one can feel the anxiety in the air. Here we have shed light on some common holiday shopping fails and how online businesses can efficiently tackle them.

Failing to Communicate Cutoff Date

Let’s say you have scheduled a special holiday promotion, and it turned out to be a smashing hit. The sales numbers were beyond your expectations. To be precise, your e-commerce business hasn’t attained such figures ever before. But there was a hitch. You fail to convey the cutoff dates of the couriers working with your brand.

Here’s a perfect solution to evade this problem in the future.

Do your research prior to scheduling a holiday promotion because planning is the name of the game when you talk about creating a successful e-commerce strategy. Once you successfully conducted your research, share it with your customers effectively. This will aid you to alleviate any disappointment and set realistic customer expectations. You don’t want to dishearten your customers, especially when Christmas is around the corner.

Setting a cutoff date is considered the best practice to set an expected delivery date since it includes days for packing fulfillment and anticipated shipping delays.

Your Wholesale Rigid Boxes Need Improvement

After all the pushing and pulling with logistics, you were able to send out the products, but their wholesale rigid boxes needed work. Despite leveraging the rigid boxes, your products fail to reach the customers in optimal condition.

You can only solve this problem when you treat your precious products truly like precious products.

Indeed, hazardous and fragile items should be marked beforehand, especially when their final destination is far too away. But that’s not all. You also need to add void fillers or inserts to keep delicate products in the best condition throughout their journey.

More importantly, you should invest in high-quality custom rigid packaging instead of opting for the cheapest available solution. It will benefit your e-commerce business in two ways:

  • Keep the encased items safe from external forces.
  • Excite the customers with its intriguing finish and color scheme.

A critical look at your wholesale rigid boxes will help you achieve a lot more this year. Not only will you see less damaged products, but also receive positive reviews from the customers. And who knows a positive post-purchase experience regarding your product finds its way to the social media and encourage others to buy from you.

But it requires you to partner with professional rigid box manufacturers in the USA, such as The Legacy Printing.

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