What is Technical Analyst in india |  How to Become a Technical Analyst

A technical analyst is a professional with knowledge related to exploring the financial market which provides important trading information. Technical analysts often work in brokerage houses ,finance and investment agencies.

Most technical analysts focus only on technical analysis aspects, some focus on multiple techniques and methods. They carefully interpret past trading patterns and project future price movements using relevant technical indicators, such as strength indexes, Fibonacci retracements, Elliott Waves or other technical approaches.


Some people have the ability to quickly see patterns and connect ideas at a faster rate than others. It seems that their brains are wired differently, and they always ace abstract reasoning tests. There are many possible jobs for such people. They can go into various fields like project management, business economics, information technology etc. For new graduates, an entry-level job worth exploring is the technical analyst role.

Technical analysts provide in-depth analysis of various project-related data. There is little room for error in critical situations. However, like most jobs, it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. Since this is usually an entry-level job, you will be supervised by more experienced team members.

So train your brain and make a great career path in this! If you enjoy creating reports, analysing statistics and finding solutions to problems, go for this role. It will be a wonderful opportunity.


Here are examples of actual technical analyst resume responsibilities that represent typical tasks.

  • Enable the automation team to automate the application flow by acting as the SME for the application.
  • Manage lab operations including ISO standardisation and audits.
  • Manage the CRM database by ensuring that issues and client contacts are accurately documented.
  • Organise and manage EMR implementation project plans for multiple large specialties simultaneously.
  • Establish a staff-based plan in the facility and ensure proper setup is completed.
  • Manage integration efforts by updating databases and writing reference files as well as creating standard operating procedures resulting in increased productivity.
  • Develop Java processes for data transformation using XML configuration for flexible table mapping from operational data store to data warehouse.
  • Develop applications to monitor cloud infrastructure.
  • Develop and implement DSM/TC setup to utilise VTS infrastructure more efficiently, significantly reducing the number of backup-related system events.
  • Work with the IP department and outside counsel.
  • Verify process improvements with Sr.
  • Used UML to develop the story board.
  • Provide troubleshooting of EMR applications through proper problem documentation and research.
  • Perform technical architecture planning, assist in business analysis, respond to RFPs.
  • Apply IAVA updates to servers and scan through Retina to maintain DoD accreditation.
  • Provide database updates and reports to healthcare providers for marketing dollars spent and state compliance.
  • Develop and implement effective solutions in alignment with organisational needs and objectives while ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and procedures.
  • Conduct competitive intelligence analysis of potential business partners and value IP.
  • Work extensively on developing and maintaining applications for the healthcare industry.
  • Work directly with customers to resolve any customer issues.
  • Frequently collaborate with senior management to troubleshoot college-wide technical issues.
  • Develop a Java utility in a credit application that authenticates users by validating security questions.
  • Ensure systems and software comply with DOD security policies and guidelines by performing system audits and log analysis
  • Review and analyse computer hardware and software specifications and determine the feasibility and impact of implementing new or modified programs.
  • Report any compatibility issues to project technical lead and implement any desktop compatibility fixes.
  • Develop a full range of resource and application performance reports using SAS with MICS/MXG/SMF data.

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