5 Reasons Why You Should Worry Even More About Page Experience in 2021?

Page Experience is a new ranking algorithm that has been officially announced by Google. In May 2021, it will come into effect. However, before implementing it, a decision of giving it a 6 months’ notice has been made because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Let us see how it works. When a user visits a web page so as to interact with it, then what experience he perceives from it. On the basis of this perception, the ranking of the web page is done by the algorithm. If your web page gives a poor experience to the site users then it will get a low rank by Google.

Page Experience

What Do You Understand by Page Experience?

Basically, we can describe the Page Experience as:

  • When a page loads, is there any bouncing around of the content?
  • Are there any intrusive ads on the page?
  • Does it run on HTTPS?
  • Is the page mobile-friendly?
  • Does it load quickly?

Along with this, there are some measurements of page speed on the basis of user interaction:

  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – Here the visual stability of your page is measured. According to this, no jumping buttons need to be present on your page. A CLS less than 0.1 is good.
  • First Input Delay (FID) – Here your web page’s responsiveness is measured. A visitor lands on a web page and tries to interact with it for the first time. The browser takes some time to give a response. This time is known as FID and it needs to be less than 100 ms.  
  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) – Here the performance of page loading is measured. A time of 2.5 seconds or less is ideal for the loading of a web page.

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Now I am going to give you 5 reasons why you should worry even more about page experience in 2021?

  1. Google will not give importance to AMP – As compared to the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs), the search engine considers Page Experience more relevant. Basically, for developing mobile websites, we use a framework known as AMP. These sites load quickly. Here, for increasing the speed of a mobile-friendly page, we reduce the JavaScript and CSS files. Earlier, in the top stories section, only AMPs were allowed by Google. But this will change with the update in the Google algorithm. Now for getting a position in Google’s section for top stories, the AMP will no longer help you. The top stories section will contain that content which will be determined by the Page Experience update.
  2. There will be a negative effect on websites that are unresponsive – If your website is not responsive, then it can be penalized by the search engine because of the Page Experience Update. Go for a WordPress website if you are interested in writing blogs. For enhancing the user experience, they use plugins and make the design of the website responsive. Shopify and BigCommerce are the solutions of eCommerce that are useful in case of running an eCommerce website.
  3. Your website can be affected by the Visual Indicators of Google – The search engine is planning to implement a visual indicator. If the requirements of the page experience have been met by the search results then these search results will be differentiated by the visual indicator. Before clicking on the web page, what quality experience the page delivers? Highlighting this is the goal of visual indicators. The visual indicator can have a negative impact on your click-through rate, so you need to prepare yourself for this in advance.
  4. Speed of your website can have a heavy impact on you – Among the core web vitals’ critical elements, one is loading time. The loading speed of the page impacts the user experience. Search engines, as well as users, do not like websites that load slowly. According to the new update, a 1 to 3 seconds delay in the loading time can result in a 32 % rise in the bounce rate. Also, there can be a 90 % rise in the bounce rate if the delay is 5 seconds. If you will use Google’s PageSpeed Insights, then your website speed can increase.
  5. Don’t use interstitials that are intrusive – Don’t use interstitials that block your content because the people who visit your site do not like it. Because of this, the Page Experience update will affect your site in a negative manner. It is important that the primary content of the web page doesn’t hide. So, use those popups that are legal.

If you want to build a website that is mobile-friendly as well as desktop friendly, then contact a responsive web design company.

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