How to Open BMP File? | Learn the File Format [Complete Guide]

Have a picture in BMP format and don’t know how to open a BMP file? There are several various approaches you’re able to convert between various image formats. Within this article, I will mention the simplest and easiest methods that we are aware of. You won’t see many pictures in BMP or Bitmap format since it is not optimized for colored pictures with blends or gradients. BMP is an ancient format that also has been the default format for Paint in Windows XP. In technical terms, it’s lossless but includes pretty much no compression.

How to Open BMP File

Lossless implies that a picture could be made bigger but with no loss of quality. But as BMP does not have some compression, document sizes are enormous. A clear picture with just a few colors could be hundreds of kilobytes in BMP format, but just two to three KB from JPEG format. That’s the reason why BMP is pretty much no longer employed anyplace on the internet.

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JPEG, on the other hand, is a lossy format using higher compression. This usually means the file sizes will be a lot smaller. However, there’ll be a reduction in quality every time the document is stored. JPEG format is excellent for detailed color photos but awful for logos and simple line drawings. That is why most logos have been stored in GIF format. Finally, BMP and JPEG equally hold up to 16 million colors, so any picture you convert from BMP to JPEG must appear almost precisely the same. Anyhow, now you know just a bit about the two image formats, so let us discuss converting BMP to JPEG.

How to Open BMP File?

Here we listed the ways to open the BMP file. These ways are the best option for you to convert the BMP file into a jpg file.

Microsoft Paint:

Provided that you are not having Windows XP (and you also should not be), then it is possible to use Microsoft Paint to start the BMP document and save it as a JPG file. Open Paint and open up your BMP file. Then click File and Save As. In the brand new version of Paint which possesses the ribbon port, click the tiny menu.

How to Open BMP File

From the Save as type dropdown, go on and select JPEG as the file format. That’s all you’ve got to do to convert the BMP to JPG format. Should you happen to use a computer or device that does not have a ribbon set up, there are different choices, which I cite below. 


Online Picture Conversion:

If you would instead use an internet tool for conversion, then there are two or three great choices. Fortunately, I have previously written about switching between various file formats with two popular online programs: and These sites allow you to convert between hundreds of different formats. However, in our situation, we just have to convert between 2 picture formats.

Online Picture Conversion

I enjoy online-convert. Com better since it provides you with a lot of alternatives. You can select a file in the personal computer, glue it into a URL or perhaps catch a picture from Dropbox. You might even select the standard settings to your JPEG file, alter the size, alter the color, improve the picture, and change the DPI.

Click Convert document, and after several minutes, a downloading of this JPEG file begins automatically. ZamZar is also user-friendly. However, you must give your email address, and they’ll then email you the document. It usually functions just fine. However, there are several occasions if you don’t receive an email a few hours afterward or any email in any way.

Third-Party Freeware

In case you’re trying to find a freeware app to convert BMP to JPG, you have many choices. Easy2Convert includes a little freeware app that has been written primarily for this kind of conversion. The freeware variant enables you to select 1 BMP document, the output, and adjust the picture quality. They also possess a PRO version which allows you to batch convert BMP to JPG. However, that is $20 and likely not worthwhile unless that is something you do all of the time.

Third-Party Freeware

The freeware app also has built-in command line assistance, so if you’re acquainted with all the command lines, you may make a batch script to batch convert several files simultaneously. If this does not do the job for you, check out BMP to JPG Converter. That will be just another freeware that has some charming features. Primarily, it allows you to batch convert at no cost, so that is good. The second important feature is the capability to scan a folder and all its subfolders for BMP documents.

This can prove beneficial when you’ve got a folder with a lot of different kinds of documents, and you do not wish to transfer them all into a distinct directory. You might even pick the quality for your JPEG output and click begin to start the conversion procedure.


BMP is an old picture that also has been the default format for Paint in Windows XP. This format does not have some compression. Document sizes are enormous. Sometimes it also has processing problems. So how to open a BMP file? Above in this article, we mentioned various possible methods to gain from BMP to JPG format.

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