What Is Guest Mode in Android | Setup Guide & User Benefits

We are living in the modern world. These days everyone has its own smartphone. Basically the smartphone a major part of our life. Almost 80% of smartphone users use android smartphones. The reason behind that is, the android is very easy to use and customizable as compared to other smartphones. It has thousands of different functions and features. In this article, we will discuss the one most important feature of the android smartphone which is “guest mode”. Read the complete article if you want to know more about the guest mode in Android.

Guest Mode in Android

What Is Android Guest Mode:

Guest mode is the feature in the android smartphone which helps you to hide your personal data or information but still keeps your phone working. By using guest mode you can hide your application, messages, pictures, history, etc. While simultaneously allow some other person to use your smartphone.

When you use the guest mode in the android smartphone you will experience an entirely separate phone within your primary one. This similar to like the sperate accounts on a computer or a browser. The guest can provide you different apps, screen widgets, emails, files, etc. Guest users can still make calls, send messages, download their own files, etc, but nothing collides with your account.

Now its time to check out the way to enable Android guest mode in order that you’ll get this neat alternate account for your friends or family to use once they want your phone. Switching to guest mode is straightforward. But before we start, let’s dive a touch deeper into why you’d use guest mode.

Why Use Guest Mode in Android:

Anyone who shares a phone with someone else temporarily might like guest mode. Maybe you’re letting a stranger borrow your phone to form a personal call and you don’t want them snooping through your texts or bank information?. Even you’ve got a toddler who likes to observe videos on your phone. But they need a habit of messing around in other apps like Facebook or Messages.

Android guest mode is additionally helpful if you would like a distraction-free phone for a short time. Turn over to guest mode (with calls enabled just in case of emergencies) and luxuriate in zero app notifications.

How to Found out Android Guest Mode

Turning on Android’s guest mode is basically easy.

  • First, you have to go to Settings > System > Advanced > Multiple users
  • Enable multiple users from here.
  • Tap Add guest or Guest

On the multiple user’s screens, tap the settings button next to the guest option if you would like to show on phone calls. Otherwise, the guest user won’t be ready to make or take phone calls. Another way to quickly switch in and out of Android guest mode is by swiping down from the highest of the screen to look at the notifications panel. Expand it fully to look at all options, then choose the avatar button to select Guest.

Guest Mode in Androids

When you’re finished in guest mode, but before you select a special account to modify over to. The Guest button changes to remove guests. This is a simple thanks to erasing all that you’ve wiped out guest mode in order that subsequent time you enter there. It’s a brand-new, fresh account. If you don’t erase guest mode, you’ll still roll in the hay subsequent time you open it.

What Gets Shared Between Accounts:

Every account on your phone shares updates made to apps and settings like Wi-Fi network details and paired Bluetooth devices.

This means if you update your apps, it’s updated for all users. an equivalent goes for wireless devices. Whether you or the guest user connects to the wi-fi connection, both of you have access to the network since the password is shared between both users.

However, texts, files, emails, music, videos, documents, photos, and data stored within apps aren’t shared between the guest account and the first account. you’ll open email accounts, download documents, take pictures, etc., and therefore the other account won’t see them unless they switch to yours.

Guests vs Users on Android Phones

When switching over to Android guest mode or turning on the multiple users feature, you’ll have noticed a choice to add users. Users and guests are similar accounts, but there is one major difference between them: it’s easier to erase and then restart the guest account in your device.

Every time you turn over to guest mode, you’re asked if you would like to continue the session with equivalent changes made thereto the last time it had been used. If you would like to start out over. This is often because Android views guest mode as temporary, where you would possibly want to wipe it before each new use, while user accounts are meant for long-term use with their own apps and files.

Guest Mode in androids

Another difference is that you simply can’t send or receive texts in Android guest mode. Phone calls can work if you enable them, but there isn’t a choice to activate texting. If you would like another user account that’s breakaway your primary one, and you would like it to be ready to text. You’ll need to use another user account rather than a guest mode.
To recap, these are the first differences between user mode and Android guest mode:

Only user-mode can send and receive texts from the Messages app (these are still shared with the first account).
Guest mode is simpler to erase after use (but you’ll still delete user accounts fairly easily).
Both have their own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s entirely up to you which of them you employ.


Android phones have thousand of feature, one of them is “guest mode”. Now, what is the guest mode? Guest mode is the feature in the android which helps you to hide your personal data or information but still keeps your phone working. By using guest mode you can hide your application, messages, pictures, history, etc. while simultaneously allow some other person to use your smartphone. It is similar to regular mode but in the guest mode, you can’t send and receive messages. Anyone who wants to share their phone temporarily might like guest mode.

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