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The Wii was among the very famous home consoles of all time. It came out in 2008 and contains AV connections accessible to join the Wii games console to your TV. But, newer TVs that have several different connection types can cause you a great deal of confusion if you would like to play with your Wii on these. So the question is how to Wii hook up HDMI. Regardless of which kind of TV you are using, there’s probably a way to hook up the Wii for it. You might simply have to locate various kinds of wires than you presently have. In the sections below, you will find instructions for linking the Wii with several kinds of wires and some additional actions that you might want to choose based upon the wires involved.

Wii Hook up HDMI

Wii Hook up HDMI:

Here we listed the best ways for Wii to hook up HDMI. These are the different ways to connect the Wii with your TV so you can enjoy your video games. These ways are:

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Joining a Wii to Some TV With AV Modes:

This is the best way to join the Wii into a TV with AV cables, that might be exactly what the machine initially includes.

  • Locate a pair of 3 inputs to your TV that ought to be yellowish, white, and reddish. They might also be tagged as Video and Audio. All these are your AV input signals.
  • Add the AV plugs in accordance with shade, so that they match the input color in your TV. Yellow = Video, White = Audio Left or Mono, Red = Audio Right.
  • About the rear of this Wii is a jack to your AV Outside plug on the other end of the AV cable, and which you’ll plug it right into.
  • Switch on your TV and discover your input choice, either in your own remote or TV. This may be viewed as Input Select, Input, or even TV/Video. Then choose AV to look at your Wii. Based upon your TV, all these can be tagged slightly differently, for example, AUX or even EXT. It might also be on station 00 or 99.

Joining a Wii to Some Tv Together with Component Cables:

With unit wires, the measures for setting up them using all the Wii are essentially exactly the same as having AV cables.

Wii Hook up HDMI

  • There ought to be a pair of 5 interfaces on your TV when it’s the capacity to link to component wires. These vents should be two vents for sound colored red (correct or R) and white (left, or L), and three to get the movie, colored reddish (Pr/Cr), blue (Pb/Cb), and green (Y).
  • Connect the component wires to the corresponding colors.
  • Connect the cable into the back of this Wii to the AV Out interface.
  • Progressive Scan may probably then have to be enabled on your TV needs it.
  • Power to the Wii and then discover the input choice for your TV and change it to see the AV input signal.

Joining a Wii to Some TV Together Using HDMI:

The first Nintendo Wii, sadly, doesn’t have an HDMI interface. This does not automatically indicate you can not play with it to a TV with only HDMI inputs, however. There are lots of adapters that let you join your Wii into an HDMI port, by simply plugging directly into the console. This makes pens such as the Portholic Wii to HDMI Converter simple to use.

  • Connect the HDMI port to the back of the own Wii. Insert your HDMI cable into the adapter.
  • Find the HDMI jack on your TV, typically on the side or back. Plug the opposite end of this HDMI in.
  • Switch in your Wii and then discover the input on your TV. Pick the HDMI input you attached to the cable.

Joining a Wii to Some TV Using A SCART Connector:

On the flip side, in case you’ve got a lot of old TV with SCART relations you’d love to join your Wii also, this is sometimes carried out also. SCART connectors also plug into splitters, which provide you with the capacity to use additional ports if necessary.
Since TVs supporting SCART relationships are becoming obsolete, these adapters and connectors are few and far between. But, you are still able to buy a SCART adapter that can hook up for your Wii, like this one.

Here is the Way to utilize the adapter to link your own Wii to your TV:

  • Twist your Wii’s RCA wires (the AV wires ) to the end of this SCART adapter using all the yellow, crimson, and white inputs with exactly the identical color knob.
  • Twist the SCART to your TV or even splitter. Then alter the TV input signal view from this link.

Found a Wii to Any TV:

Together with every one of these various connections readily available, you ought to have the ability to join your Wii to some TV on the market. The last thing you will want to remember is the Wii only sparks a maximum resolution of 480p, and thus don’t expect to find anything more from it onto a newer tv.

Found a Wii to Any TV

  • You might also alter the settings in your own Wii so it matches the display of this TV you’ve got it attached to.
  • From the Wii, you can visit Settings > Wii Settings > Display to alter the screen location, and modify the resolution to EDTV or HDTV to output 480P.
  • You might also move in the Widescreen Settings and change the atmosphere in Standard (4:3) into Widescreen (16:9) or even vice-versa.


Your old gaming console has Wii and your TV doesn’t support that? So what we do, how do Wii hook up HDMI? You can use different kinds of cables and connectors to connect your Wii to your TV, VGA, RGB, and HDMI. Above in this article, we listed some methods to connect your Wii to your TV. So you enjoy your video games without any interruption.

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